Mostly Printed CNC / MultiTool


WE WON! It is official July winner, in the running for the December grand prize. Thank You all for the votes and cooperation.

Mostly Printed CNC / MultiTool

Nice write up, explains this in more detail Here

I set out to build a minimal cost CNC Machine with the goal of some basic aluminum capabilities. Not a speed demon but it gets the job done. I am very happy with its capabilities.

4 Head Madness!

Hope this helps
Hardware and printed parts available here.

Printing info

The only special tools needed are a hacksaw, and a drill to drill 4 holes.

This can be easily expanded to almost any length, width, and depth depending on rigidity required. Shorter lengths = more rigid.

Most woods and plastics should be no problem. I test milled Aluminum with a footprint of 23.5in x 32in x 4in. Aluminum works well, I have a lot to learn but did a test cut of 6061 with a 1/8″ 2 flute endmill at 15k RPM, .005″ step down, 15in/min feed rate. These feeds and speeds seemed conservative.

-update- Second cut made on top of the first for comparison 1/8th ball mill, .006″ depth, .0625 step over, 16.5in/min- rough- .008″ step down (should have went less). Took 45 minutes.

I have left all the necessary ports and connections open on the Ramps board for making this a 3D printer. Single and dual head, videos up.

You can switch the spindle out with a drag knife, laser, ect, making it a great prototyping multitool. By adding length and depth It could easily be used to shape large easily milled things like wood, foam, or plastics. Keep it small for aluminum.
Add Ons

International Edition -25mm conduit-

Z Adjust Knob (recommended)

Solder-less Stepper Mount (recommended)

Legs (recommended)

Better Middle Z (recommended)

End Stop Mount

Greg’s Wade extruder mount

MK8 MK9 extruder mount 3D printer

Dewalt DW660 Mount

Dremel 300 mount

Nut trap for shorter tools


Drag Knife / Plotter

Laser – by

Nema 23 mount

Blank Tool Mounts

Taller Z Tower (recommended)
Print Settings

Rafts: Doesn’t Matter

Supports: Yes

Infill: See

Wood Demo

3D Printing

Dual head

If you use the drv8825 drivers, by default they are set at 1/32 steps, 2x’s the standard. So the calculator linked below needs to be doubled on each axis.

Setting the pots, the voltage at the surface of the pot should be a little less than half the steppers rated amps. Super easy.

X and Y axis take up about 260mm, so whatever cut area you want your outside dimensions should be that plus 260mm.

I am using marlin / Ramps 1.4, there are a lot of options if you don’t like this combo, grbl, tiny g, ect.

The X and Y steppers are wired in parallel, Just like the z axis is on a 3d printer.

A resistor is added to the thermistor input. (less firmware edits, easy to use Repetier-Host)
Changes made to configuration.h (These edits are minimal, but I can upload if necessary)

– #define CUSTOM_MENDEL_NAME “Melvin CNC” (gotta name it right?)
– #define min_software_endstops false (needed to machine in the negative direction)
– #define X_MAX_POS 800 (set these values to larger than your axis)
– #define Y_MAX_POS 800
– #define Z_MAX_POS 200
– #define DEFAULT_AXIS_STEPS_PER_UNIT   {80,80,2267.72,760*1.1} (use this
– #define DEFAULT_MAX_FEEDRATE          {500, 500, 5, 25} (think I can bump these up)
– #define DEFAULT_MAX_ACCELERATION      {1000,1000,100,3000} (might turn these down)
– #define DEFAULT_ACCELERATION          1000 (maybe lower)
– #define DEFAULT_XYJERK                10.0    // (mm/sec) (lower maybe)
– #define DEFAULT_ZJERK                 0.4     // (mm/sec)

Pre-configured firmware here-
Bill Of Materials

-qty – type

Printed Parts
4  – Corner Block
4  – Corner Block Lock
4  – Roller F
4  – roller lock
4  – Roller Motor Mount
1  – z motor mount
1  – z nut lock
2  – Middle Joiner
4  – Middle Z
2  – Middle End
2  – Tool Holder 13mm
2  – Tool Holder Nut Trap
1  – Rigid Coupler 5_16 to 5mm

5  – nema 17
4  – GT2 16tooth    make sure it has 2 set screws
53 – 608 bearings Z, ZZ, or 2-RS
12ft – Conduit 3/4″  (23.5mm OD, or 25mm OD for the IE version)
1  – 5/16 all thread length depends on desired z-axis
1  – spring   -For a basic anti backlash getup
4  – BOLT 5/16″ x3″
8  – BOLT 5/16″ x 2.5″
2  – BOLT 5/16″ x 1.75″
2  – BOLT 5/16″ x 1.5″
28 – BOLT 5/16 x 1.25″
8  – 5/16″ fender washers
8  – 5/16″ speed washer, skateboard kind or sae washer
44 – lock nut 5/16″
1  – 5/16″ nut
1  – 5/16″x.75″ coupler nut
34 – SCREWS 6/32″ x .75″
2  – SCREW 6/32″ x .5″
36 – LOCK NUT 6/32″
20 – Nema Screws M3x10mm
1  – Ramps 1.4 set   -loving the 8825 drivers
1  – power supply  at least 12v 5A or 24v
1  – gt2 Belt length depends on size
1  – stranded 4 Wire, CAT5/6 works
1  – Rotary tool (Dewalt dw660, foredom, ect)
20 –  Zipties

Current List –


Awesome metric parts list, Thanks !

3d CAM
Looks like we have a winner! Free trial (not sure for how long), after that $50. Clean and simple. I’ll post settings after I run some parts.

Right now I use Repetier-Host, turn off temperature checks. Config>printer settings> Printer tab, uncheck “Check extrude & Bed Temperature”

Fusion 360 for the intermediate users with some experience.

I am very open to suggestions for others.
Extras – drillman1’s shop is the only place to get your endmills and things. Great prices, fast, easy.

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