Test your 3D printer! v2

after a lot of wishes we present the new smaller Test your 3D printer! version 2.

check out the forum for more help

new features

saving 75% volume compared to version 1
only 2.52cm3.
optimized 3D print font
higher resolution
wall thickness
this version is for 0.48mm extrusion width (more to come)

This is a hard to print testfile!
often you don’t know if your printer is ready for complex files. with this file you have an easy option to check problematic printing/slicing stuff.

does your printer challenge this ultimative part?
check it out and get (almost) instant results.

these test are included in this very tiny file:

size: the object is 2x50x30mm (baseplate)
hole size: 3 holes (3/4/5mm)
Nut size: M4 Nut should fit perfectly
fine details: pyramide, cone, all numbers
rounded print: wave, half sphere
minimum distance & walls: 0.1/0.2/0.3/0.4/0.5/0.6/0.7mm
overhang: 25°/30°/35°/40°/45°
bridge print: 2/4/8/16/mm
surface: all the flat parts

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